Lucentezza dell'Oro 24k Rolling Papers 2 -Pack


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  • Realizzato artigianalmente in oro 24K cartine realizzate con i migliori commestibili oro
  • Realizzato con una miscela di canapa base per la più morbida masterizzare

Buy Shine 24k Gold Rolling Papers Online

Humans have always been fascinated with gold. It’s shiny, heavy, and is one of the rarest things in the universe. These 24k gold rolling papers are meant to catch the eye of all around and send a message, “Yes I’m smoking a golden doobie, would you like to join me?”

Shine papers are made with a hemp blend base to ensure that you get a smooth burn and a natural flavor. Great for special occasions or all the time if you have a lifestyle that is unsustainable. Have fun!

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Lucentezza dell'Oro 24k Rolling Papers 2 -Pack