L'Infini Mini Rig


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  • 5” Pouces De Hauteur
  • Fixe Diffuse Downstem
  • Fab Oeuf Section
  • Double Absorption Recycleur
  • 10mm femelle joint
  • Banger inclus

L'Infini Mini Rig

What started out as an experimental, in-house concept quickly became one of our favorite creations to-date. The Infinity mini rig is a wonderful example of the Yin and Yang principle which highlights certain rare combinations in nature that when combined, equal far more than their individual parts.

Combining the classical fab-egg (Royale) style percolation, with the more rhythmic cycloning filtration of a double uptake recycler, all culminating for nothing short of an extraordinary experience.

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L'Infini Mini Rig