Grav – Double Decker Circuit Dab Rig


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  • Rondelle De Conception
  • Deux Couche Dab Rig
  • 14mm Mâle Joint
  • Lourd de Mur de Verre de 60×3,5 mm
  • Le Typhon Fonction
  • 7” Pouces De Hauteur

Grav – Double Decker Circuit Dab Rig

The Grav Labs circuit dab rig provides even better function and filtration with another layer! Standing at 7” inches tall, the Circuit rig creates a torrent of percolation with its direct inject tungsten hole that spins the water around the base of the first layer.

The second layer keeps the water in continuous motion and out of your mouth as you hit it. Features a 14mm male joint, heavy wall glass, and arched mouthpiece to prevent splash back.

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Grav - Double Decker Circuit Dab Rig